Parents Newsletter – November 2012

  Dear Parents, We want to thank all of our Schoolhouse families for coming to our Fall Programs. We are so proud of all the hard work the children put forth making their programs a success! We also want to take time to thank our teachers for making these programs possible. As you know November is upon us and the holidays are steadily getting

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Parent Newsletter – October 2012

Dear Parents, This fall season has quickly approached us here at The Schoolhouse. As we begin this new month, we look forward to many exciting events that will be taking place. Our students are beginning to start working on their Fall Programs.  These programs are enjoyed by all.  Please make arrangements to see your child perform.  Family and friends are welcome.  If you are

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Parent Newsletter – September 2012

Dear Parents, We are so excited to begin a new school year.  We feel honored that you have chosen The Schoolhouse as a starting place in your child’s education.  There are many new and exciting activities that are being planned this school year.  As always we want to keep you aware of upcoming information. Please take advantage of our free Vision and Hearing screening

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First day at The Schoolhouse September 4th

Labor Day – No School – September 3

Parent Newsletter – March 2012

Dear Parents, Fall Enrollment For those planning on re-enrolling your child for the fall, or enrolling siblings, classes are filling up quickly! We welcome anyone who would like to come observe our programs.  For the consideration of our teachers, just let us know a few days in advance. SPRING PICTURES – March 6th, 7th & 8th NO UNIFORM REQUIRED – No money required, just return the permission form.  

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